This year Advanced is changing Fan and Damper Control forever

For too long fan and damper control has been complicated, physically separated from the fire system and inefficient.  Advanced has changed all that with Dynamix Smoke which delivers:

  • Full dedicated and non-dedicated fan and damper control as an integral part of the fire system.
  • No more sub-contracting smoke control.  The contractor responsible for the Advanced fire system can manage it all from the fire interface.
  • Easier installation with less cabling and wiring by using stanard i/o moduled controlled by Advanced Dynamix Smoke software and Fan & Damper Cards.
  • Control from the fire panel, dedicated cabinets or mimics, using Dynamix Smoke interface switch modules.
  • The easiest set up of smoke and damper control we've seen.  Straight from consultants matrix, via intelligent software and system cards to a complete system.

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